A picture book. A story full of ringing carefree laughter, happiness found in small everyday things. And at the same time full of bright sadness, because this story is about the difficult topic of parting with a loved one.
An exciting New Year's detective story for teenagers 8-10 years old who are already reading on their own.
The book has an audio book and a printed version.

The book has an audio book and a printed version.
A silent book. A summer story in which a little girl and her mother spend time together, have breakfast and go to the beach, eat ice cream on the way, enjoy nature. They are having a great time, swimming, sunbathing and suddenly...
Classical italian literature, project for Great Star Culture Communication Co., LTD, Shanghai, China.
A collection of comics about wartime in different countries through the eyes of children. this book has received many awards in Russia and was included in the list of 100 best books for children.
This adventure book is about a little vegetarian dog. The book has not been published and the text is classified.